At Royal, we believe in enlivening the senses to create experiences.

We understand the importance of providing our clients with a truly unique and special space that brings balance and harmony to the people who work in our spaces each and every day.

Our underlying goal is to create spaces like no others that will stand the test of time and help their occupiers achieve their ambitions, thanks to their unparalleled sustainability, design and architecture. The Yuko concept is based on the idea of creating a refined and light-filled property that creates a harmonious setting for anyone who sets foot in it.

The distant trickle of a fountain, the subtle scent of a unique aroma greeting you as you enter, the importance of nature and the materials used are all features that marry together to create a transparent, secure and graceful setting.

A property just waiting to be “experienced”, thanks to the work of renowned architect Gabriel Allende, Yuko’s masterpieces and the Royal ethos.

“Yuko is a form of visual literature that allows you to understand a design process from the very beginning right through to the finished built product. A veritable feast for the eyes, the building fires all of the senses at once”

The artistic and cosmopolitan background of architect Gabriel Allende Gil de Biedma is evident throughout the entire building.

His attention to detail and his deep appreciation of all aspects of architecture create a truly ground-breaking project, developed in one of the most exclusive areas in the heart of Madrid.

Luxury, passion for the finer details and cutting-edge trends all effortlessly combined to create a project like no other.

“I want to create something that reflects the abstract and ever-evolving nature of art, rather than designing commercial products that are constrained by a limited useful life”

These words, the words of Yuko Tanaka, reveal the inner belief that drives the artist who designed the entrance lobby, and after whom our building is named.

Having studied at the RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) and the IED fashion laboratory in Milan, Yuko’s work is also a unique mix of the very best influences of the eight countries in which she has lived: Japan, USA, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Italy and Spain.

The artistic interpretation of the landscape around her has inspired her work throughout her career, and is palpable from the very moment one steps foot in the building.

When a unique individual sets to work on a unique building – it is a luxury like no other.