Royal is firmly committed to sustainability, as demonstrated by its transformation of this building.

The building is certified LEED GOLD Core
& Shell. This guarantees that the strict requirements – which ensure that the materials, systems, technology and work practices used all meet sustainability criteria – have been respected, followed and monitored throughout the entire design and build process.

The result is an efficient building complete with gardens that has been built using sustainable materials and protocols to help protect the environment, including controlled consumption.

Royal is also committed to human sustainability and has fulfilled its goal by achieving the WELL GOLD certification in the transformation of this building.

This certification has a direct impact on the occupiers, as it measures, guides and generates the conditions needed to promote occupier well-being.

At YUKO, occupiers will be provided with all the information regarding the benefits that the property offers, such as lighting that improves sleep quality, pure air, good acoustics and the use of art and nature throughout the space.

Not only will this help to boost productivity and creativity, but it will also have a positive impact on employee health and happiness.