As we step into the entrance lobby, we are greeted with Japanese artist YUKO’s signature masterpiece, immediately turning any visit into an immersive experience beyond compare.

Her ethereal, translucent work of art boasts a depth and non-uniformity that transport us to a versatile, abundant and strong world, imbuing us with a sense of purity, fragility and harmony.

For Yuko the underlying message of her work entitled “Wabi-Sabi” is the ability to appreciate the beauty in imperfection.

Yuko is a building that opens out onto the rest of the city, standing tall in one of the best locations in Madrid.

Its magnificent terrace effortlessly couples the concepts of freedom and design to offer the perfect space for holding impromptu meetings, hosting events or simply enjoying one of the finest views out over the city amid the midday sunlight or the evening sunset.

The high-quality materials used enhance the overall comfort and elegance of the space. Here, meetings take on a whole new meaning, and we see everything with a new perspective. Sabi” is the ability to appreciate the beauty in imperfection.

Natural light is at the heart of both the building and each workstation.

Balance is key, with the sound of water providing the energy needed for a working environment to thrive.

While the Yuko courtyard plays with open spaces to create a visual link between each floor – a courtyard that far from paling into the background, plays a central role, and is the beating heart of the building.